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“Our goal is to preserve the Sharon Temple and all the buildings at the Sharon Temple National Historic Site by actively preserving, collecting, interpreting and researching the history of the community and the site.” We need your help. Please demonstrate your help by becoming a pillar of support to our National Historic Site. Click the links below to donate now through, Canada’s leading online charitable donation website. If you would like more information about Planned Giving or supporting the Sharon Temple, please contact: Megan Houston – Education & Outreach Co-ordinator – (905) 478-2389 or

Temple Builder
$51 – $100
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Temple Friend
$101 – $499
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Supporting Pillar
$500 – $999
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Inner Pillar
$1000 – $4999
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Pillar of Democracy
$5000 – $9999
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Pillar of Peace
$10000 and above
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